Voxels Light and Mini Voxels Light


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Voxels Light and Mini Voxels Light

Voxels Light and Mini Voxels Light
Curator: Françoise Paviot


Generative virtual-reality installation

Eglise Saint-Eustache, Paris, France

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Address of the exhibition:

Thanks to Mike Galet from Editions Mike-Art-Kunst for the loan of the editions "Mini Voxels Light"
and to the compagny Voxels Productions for his support

Eglise Saint-Eustache
2 impasse Saint-Eustache
75001 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 36 31 05


Voxels Light 2015, Miguel Chevalier
Chapelle Saint-Eustache
Generative artwork
91 x 91 x 166 cm
Software: Cyrille Henry    

Mini Voxels Light 2015, Miguel Chevalier
Chapelle Saint Louis
3 Generative artworks
Editions Mike-Art-Kunst
3 x (30 x 30 x 32cm)
Software: Antoine Villeret

As other artists use painting, stained glass or photography, Miguel Chevalier works with light. But this light, it makes it live with tools of our time using all the wealth of computer techniques. Voxels * Light 2015 is a sculpture whose colorful choreographies create a world of energy that resonates with Christmas. The light of these 256 electroluminescent diodes is diffracted in the polycarbonate panels and composes universes that oscillate through different plastic registers: sometimes movements of spirals, waves or geometric lines, slow or fast pulsations, variations of colors in monochrome, in two colors, or in three colors that tighten and expand successively.

Beyond the dynamic and poetic infinity of these forms, this work tells us that we are moving in a world composed of billions of data that shape our environment and are created permanently. It also reminds us, with the three pieces Mini Voxels Light, presented in the Chapel Saint Louis, that the three wise men, guided by the star, were carriers of light.

Miguel Chevalier has many installations to his credit such as the one in October at the King's College Chapel of the University of Cambridge or most recently the Durham Cathedral in the North of England. With this presentation in Saint Eustache, he invites us not to be afraid of novelty, to take the time, like children, to marvel at the infinity of these forms and to meditate on the meaning of light in our lives. If the time of Advent is a moment of waiting, it is also a quest for light.

* Voxel is a contraction of "volumetric Pixel", it's a Pixel in 3D