The Ribbon of Life

The Ribbon of Life

The Ribbon of Life


Contributor: Arik Levy, Designer

Mixed media installation

RCCL Royal Carribean Cruise Line

Courtesy: KunstVerket Gallery

Technical production: Voxels Productions

This spectacular work of six original creations was commissioned from Miguel Chevalier and designer Arik Lévy by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for the "Liberty of the Seas" liner, to the delight of passengers, who will enjoy a unique experience during a cruise, where they will enjoy the beauty of the natural landscapes during the day and be immersed in the heart of an artificial paradise at night.
This commission is composed of six works combining art, design and architecture, from different aesthetic universes that find a perfect coherence through the dialogue between the digital artist and the designer.
Passengers are immersed in a kind of giant aquarium where, as soon as they arrive, five digital screens project Ultra-Nature, this luxuriant virtual and generative garden made up of brightly coloured aquatic plants that evolve in real time and interact according to the movement of people. The journey continues in the heart of the boat thanks to Arik Lévy's bas-reliefs hosting projections of marine flora that change every day made by Miguel Chevalier. Above the main artery invaded by luxury shops, passengers looking up are astonished for a moment by these large mirror sculptures suspended like sparkling algae, which at nightfall are coloured by light-emitting diodes.
Through these monumental creations, Miguel Chevalier once again insists on the link between reality and virtuality, a subject that is close to his heart, as shown by the impressive virtual gardens that evolve according to their virtual biological rhythm, flourish and then die, to be reborn with more beauty. Some, thanks to sensors, move away and move according to the movement of passengers, as if to insist on man's action on nature. Others, on the other hand, evolve autonomously and thus reveal man's impossible total control over nature.
Such a project of interactive and digital installations has also made it possible to establish a dialogue between artists and an audience that is not very aware of contemporary art, which then becomes more accessible.