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Voxels Productions is a production company specialising in new medias art.

Boasting more than 10 years of experience and drawing from a strong foundation of technical understanding and competence, Voxels Productions oversees the implementation of technological artistic creations from origin to exhibition.

By following a project through all stages, from initial research to technical design, project management, installation and conservation, Voxels Productions give life to installations, ranging in scale from the intimate to the immense, as imagined by Artists for urban spaces, museums or private spaces. 

Technical study and design

Guided by a shared enthusiasm for technical creation, our team is continuously evolving and adapting to new technologies. We keep up to date with generative animation software, tracking software - both visual and sound-based, hardware and software solutions for video projections: Projectors, screens, LED walls, etc. In addition to our interest in the digital image, we also work at the juncture between physical objects and digital technology. Many of our projects use our own custom software, created by our developer partners.

Project management

At Voxels Productions we develop and manage all of our artistic projects, from conception to realisation. Our small and flexible team is capable of working and consulting at every stage of a project, from the initial concept through technical conception, testing and prototyping, to supplying equipment, final production and the maintenance of a project. We also have experience in the administration of a project, including management of the budget and the schedule, as well as communication, public relations and media management.


After many years of working in the varying spheres of art production, our team has become a key player within the domain of digital arts. We are specialists in image and video editing, interactive and generative programming, animation, technological design, audio-visual, sound engineering, gallery installation, computer and network installation and digital conservation.