Origin of the Curve

Origin of the Curve

Origin of the Curve
For Samsung


Music: Jacopo Baboni Schilingi

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Samsung - IFA 2014, City Cube, Berlin, Germany

Order giver: Samsung

Sizes: 22.11 x 19.8 x 16.4 ft

Software: Cyrille Henry et Antoine Villeret

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Technical collaboration:

"Origin of the Curve" is an unique sculpture inspired by the curved design of the new Samsung Curved UHD TV. The monumental sculpture is composed of 8 overlapping arcs that include 26 Samsung 65" Curved TVs which shows the interactive and generative virtual-reality artwork “Origin of the Curve”. “Origin of the Curve” is composed of vivid and colorful patterns that continuously change shape and evolve on a generative music by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi. “Origin of the Curve” is a continuation of the work of the artists like Nam June Paik, Bill Viola or Gary Hill, video art pioneers who have created installations and sculptures with screens. This work is at the intersection of painting, sculpture, music and digital art, merges of the most innovative technology and the contemporary art of the 21st century.

Film by Claude Mossessian