Fractal Constellations

Fractal Constellations

Fractal Constellations


Generative virtual-reality installation

Brussels, Belgium

Sizes: 59 x 32.9 ft

Software: Claude Micheli

Collection: Private collection

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Fractal Constellations is a site specific generative virtual-reality installation that is deployed across 8 panels on the ceiling of a private loft. This permanent work has been commissioned by a collector who choose Miguel Chevalier for his first digital art acquisition. The work was inaugurated during Art Brussels week.
Fractal Constellations is a fractal shapes generator that gradually generates a cloud that transforms in real time. Using an iPad, the owner of this installation can select one of four clouds of differing shapes and colors.
Fractals belong to a specific branch of geometry in which each element can be reproduced ad infinitum and in such a way that one part of the object is similar to the entire object. A simple initial structure becomes endlessly more complex. Within this vital flow, everything floats about, revolves around, and branches out, always turning into something else through the interweaving of multiple lines of colored light, layered networks, and varied pathways. The lines wander off in all directions, thereby sketching out abstract landscapes before our very eyes, as in a form of automatic writing. Beneath the apparent anarchy of forms lie hidden several geometrical orders.
Within the loft, this digital Pixels constellation creates a magical atmosphere and reaches to infinity.