D’un rêve à l’autre

D’un rêve à l’autre

D’un rêve à l’autre
Solo Show


Noël à Trévarez - Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère, Domaine de Trévarez, Saint-Goazec (Finistère), France

Technical production: Voxels Productions


In response to the invitation of the Domaine de Trévarez to the event Noël à Trévarez, Miguel Chevalier created an artistic walk-through of digital works and lights in order to propose different visual experiences which leads the spectators "From one dream to another".

These creations are inspired by the multiplicity of spaces that characterize the Domaine: the old majestic stables with their paved ground, the vegetable garden with its incredible 70 m long greenhouse, the park's alley lined with rhododendrons and trees and the castle with its eclectic style, which carries traces of history.

In order to evoke the Christmas holidays and recreate the winter atmosphere, Miguel Chevalier imagined digital and traditional forms of art, inspired by snow crystals, as well as several light installations.

Throughout this amazing walk between dream and reality, the artist brings his own answer to the question of the genius who conceives the incessant variety of snow flakes. Employing his favorite medium, the digital tool, he transposes these wonders of nature into virtual world. The geometry that characterizes these crystals responds to mathematical laws of computer software. In the first installation, virtual flakes born from special softwares designed through the collaboration of the computer experts Claude Michel and Cyrille Henry arise. Is it possible that forms we have never seen before will emerge? It is hard to detect the limits between reality and fiction.

The artistic walk at the Domaine de Trévarez takes place by multiplying all these extraordinary crystalline forms: generative and interactive digital installations with different and unique virtual experiences and universes; monumental art installations; sculptures and revisited curiosity cabinets.

The present exhibition, which is the continuation of an artistic approach started at the end of the 90s, explores in a poetic and metaphorical way the question of the link between nature and artifice - one of the artist's leading themes - which today coexist and mutually enrich each other.
These works confront us with an intriguing nature and immerse us in a dreamlike world tinged with poetry. They capture the beauty of nature, an inexhaustible source for the imagination, and illustrate the constant human desire to appropriate it. They seek to create the conditions for a symbiosis between humanity and this re-invented nature.

This imaginary world creates a marvellous and captivating universe in harmony with the holiday season and the magic of Christmas.

A Film by Claude Mossessian