Arborescences Digitales and Digital Waterlilies


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Arborescences Digitales and Digital Waterlilies

Arborescences Digitales and Digital Waterlilies


Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Domaine départemental de la Roche Jagu, Ploëzal, France

Software: Claude Micheli

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Technical collaboration:

Address of the exhibition:

Domaine départemental de la Roche Jagu
22 260 Ploëzal

From: 05/08/2015 To: 09/27/2015

The exhibition of the artist Miguel Chevalier "Paradis Artificiels 2015" at the Domaine de la Roche Jagu echoes the exhibition "Des Hommes et des Plantes qui soignent". Presented on the 3rd level of the castle in the attic, the work explores through the presentation of virtual gardens, the link between nature and artifice that today coexist and mutually enrich each other. These virtual flowers, plants and gardens are part of an approach initiated by the artist in the late 1990s based on the observation of the plant kingdom, and its imaginary and poetic transposition in the digital world. The first installation, "Digital Trees 2015", is a generative virtual garden projected on a screen of white threads. This digital nature, reminiscent of an undergrowth, mixes different species of trees, shrubs, foliage and twigs. Some of these plants are presented at the exhibition "Des Hommes et des Plantes qui soignent". The development of this artificial nature is inspired by trees and computer data organization systems, using the principle of roots and branches. This sometimes realistic nature, sometimes abstract, is born randomly, blossoms and dies according to different "morphogenetic codes". The garden is constantly renewed. As Alice passes the other side of the mirror, visitors are invited to cross the screen to discover the second installation projected on the ground, "Digital Waterlilies 2015". The visitors cross this bed of digital plants which develops in real time. This creation is also interactive: as visitors pass by, the plants grow, spread and disappear under their feet. It creates a strange dialogue with this virtual nature more alive than ever. These two installations transport us to a very intriguing plant world, in the midst of an ever-surprising and luxuriant virtual nature.

Domainde de la Roche Jagu - Miguel Chevalier