8 Ties for Hermès

8 Ties for Hermès

8 Ties for Hermès

2012 > 2013

Music: Jacopo Baboni Schilingi

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation

Artwork shown in 20 different cities Tokyo, Paris, Busan, Seattle, Milan, London, Dubai, Nanjing, Mexico...

Sizes: Variable size

Technical production: Voxels Productions

Miguel Chevalier has integrated the Hermès ties patterns into his virtual universe in order to unveil, in an original way, the collection of "Heavy Twill" silk ties. Thanks to a subtle mix of technology, ingenuity and poetry, a wall projection, the eight tie designs (USB, Key Board, Binary, ON/OFF...) in the collection appear in rotation via a wall projection that react to the presence and the movements of visitors. Thus, the real and the virtual come together, distorting scale, so that the most intricate patterns can be studied in their finest details and dynamics. A touch screen is available to visitors, inviting them to select the tie design with which to play. The projection is accompanied by a special sound track, composed by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, which also responds to movement.

8 Ties for Hermès - Miguel Chevalier